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Types of Kits

Open Loop System

Open Loop System contains Advanced Timing Sensor /Emmulator MPFI.


Closed Loop System

Closed Loop System comes with Lamda Controller ECU/Stepper Motor/MPFI Emulator.


Sequential System

Sequential Reducer kits,is the best feature for gas tech right now.


Welcome To V1 Alternate Fuel System

We at V1 CNG is one of the Most Trusted Name in the field of Installation of CNG Kit in all make and Model of the Car. We Install Traditional/Conventional and Sequential CNG Kit in Car and other automobiles. We are Government Approved CNG Kit Fitment Center of All Types of Car. We have successfully installed over 1000 CNG Kits in Small Cars, Middle Segment Cars and in Top Model Luxury Cars. We have over 6 years of experience of installing CNG Conversion Kit in Car. V1 CNG is in Collaboration with all Italian, Argentina and Indian Manufacture of CNG Conversion Kits and Their Components. We install Original and Government Approved Italian, Argentine and Indian Made CNG Kits as per Choice of Customers. Installation of CNG Conversion Kits at V1 CNG is Carried out by Trained and ITI Mechanics. We have different team to install Conventional and Sequential CNG Kits in Car.

Who We Are?

V1 Alternate Fuel system is leading company with a first service station for CNG vehicles in Pune City.V1 Alternate Fuel system is establishing in the year 2011 is a professionally managed company, with a vision to become leader in the Industry and to contribute to the possible extent in reducing vehicle pollutions across the country. V1 AFS is dealing in conversion of 3-wheeler & 4-wheeler PETROL vehicles to eco-friendly gaseous fuel, 3-wheeler & 4-wheeler PETROL vehicles to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) & Heavy Diesel vehicles to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

Why Our Services are Better?

We offer other services like servicing of Petro/Diesel Vehicle, Washing, Painting, Alignment, Insurance and PUC for all kind of vehicles. Our innovative technology and advanced automotive electronics are at the core of every engineered solution. V1 systems are rigorously tested to ensure full compliance with today's stringent and ever-changing emission standards.V1 systems are supported by a network of highly trained, ECO authorized service technicians.

Our company promotes the use of Eco-Friendly Fuel (CNG - Compressed Natural Gas) on Petrol vehicles, which in turn contributes to a Pollution-Free and Greener environment whilst maintaining smoother performance and longer engine life.