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CNG is an Eco-Friendly Fuel and Wallet Friendly Fuel. The main Component of CNG fuel is Methane (CH4), the finest fuel that comes out from the Gasoline Tanks even before LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas-C2H6). CNG Fuel is lighter than Air rise upward even when mix with air. Low Density CNG Mix with air does not catch fire. CNG is safer than petrol if precautions have been taken carefully. CNG fuel does not pollute environment because methane burning emit only carbon dioxide (CO2). Percentage of Carbon Monoxide came out after CNG Combustion is negligible.
Installation of CNG kits to Petrol Vehicles are under the guidance of VRDE (Government Institute) and ARAI (Automobile Institute). V1 CNG Kit is Indian Made CNG Kit available and certified by Government of India.
V1 CNG Kit is durable and Government Approved CNG Conversion Kits to your car and other commercial vehicles. Our CNG Kit fitting centre is government approved fitment center. We take proper precaution and safety measures before installing a CNG Kit to your car.