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What is CNG?

CNG is Compressed Natural Gas stored at high pressure of 200 bar or about 3,000 psi.  Natural gas is a gas that comes from within the earth and consists of 85% methane, 10% nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, and the balance is ethane, propane, and butane.The octane rating of natural gas is 130.

Can my engine run on both CNG and natural gas?

Yes, you can run on either fuel or change the fuel you are using with the push of a button on the dash.

Where can I fill my car with CNG?

Click on this link to view the Address of filling stations in Pune area.  CNG Filling Stations.

How much CNG will my car use.?

The Amount used depends on the vehicle size and engine. 

Will using CNG harm my engine?

No, it is better for your engine as explained on our  CNG Home Page.

How do I switch fuels?

You can switch to either fuel anytime, except when the engine is idling, with the push of a button.

What do I get with my conversion Kit?

You get everything needed including the filling nozzle.  The kit does not come with the cylinder or cylinder valve.

How long does it take to install?

It depends on the vehicle and your mechanical skills, but for most people it takes 6 to 8 hours.  This does not include the time to install the cylinder.

Can I install more than one cylinder?

Yes, you may wish to install more than one cylinder to increase your driving range, particularly in larger eight cylinder vehicles.

What maintenance is required?

You only need to perform a quick visual inspection of your system each time you fill your car with natural gas.

Can CNG kit removed?

Yes, you can remove it if you want and install it in another vehicle, but you may need a few different parts, which you can purchase from us.

Can I sell my CNG vehicle or will it have be removed?

Yes, you can sell your car without removing your conversion kit and you should get a much better price for your vehicle.

Can the CNG cylinder explode in an accident?

A CNG cylinder is a very strong and thick storage tank and is just as safe as or safer than a thin plastic or metal gasoline tank.  Millions of cars have been safely driving on CNG for many years including many state, and local government vehicles.

Can CNG kit installed on a diesel engine?

We have conversion kits for diesel engines.  A diesel engine requires a dual fuel system with at least 30% diesel fuel to operate safely, so it will be a mixture of the two fuels simultaneously.  Most use 40% diesel and 60% CNG.

What is involved in having a vehicle converted to CNG?

An additional tank, some system components including a fuel selector switch, and an extra fuel filler provision