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Typical servicing includes

  • Thorough check up of the vehicle
  • Spark plug, Air filter Cleaning of 2-Wheeler.
  • Engine Oil Flush.
  • Engine Oil Enhancement Treatment.
  • Petrol Fuel System Cleaner.
  • Carburetor & Injector Cleaner.
  • Diesel Fuel System Cleaner.
  • Radiator Flush.
  • Silicone Lubricant Spray.
  • Carbon Clean Spray.
  • Dashboard Polish.
  • Black Polish for 'non-painted' 4 wheeler Bumpers
       & 2 wheeler Plastic Body.
  • Wash & Wax.
  • Rubber Trim & Tyre Polish.
  • Upholstery Cleaner & Foam Spray.
  • Auto LPG & CNG Retro-fitment Center.
  • All types of 4-wheeler Mechanical Repairing &
       Servicing Center.
  • Battery Charging Center along-with Battery
       Testing machine facility.
  • Tyre Pressure Checking.
  • Steering Play Adjustment.

  • Service Station for all kind of vehicles

    V1 Alternate Fuel System "A best place to make your vehicles CNG" with CNG kits fittings and services.

    You will get back New One

    CNG vehicles produce the fewest emissions of any motor fuel. This means less vehicle maintenance and longer engine life.

    Dust free & Computerised painting

    We have fully computerised baking and spray painting booth in dust free condititions. Our thorough paint preparation ensures that an excellent finish is achieved.

    Computerised Wheel Alignment & Wheel Balancing

    The Radio Technology of Wheel Alignment Machine offered by us are used to correct the deformed alignment of the automobile wheels.

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    The powerful Jet is great for Cleaning Wheels & Tyres

    High Pressure washer and high pressure jetting system is essential to clean Wheels & Tyres, air craft and all types of vehicles.